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What Virginia found
Encouraged by her mother ever since she can remember, Virginia continues to write exemplary stuff – essays, short-stories and poems – which she posts on her blog with almost religious dedication. Being a woman of limited social reach, she fails to find the discerning, wider readership that should have been hers in all fairness, despite her remarkable skill with the pen. Though she continues to go through the motions of writing and posting stuff, it is apparent to the people close to her that a joy has taken flight out of her writings.
One day, she comes across FirstQuarto.
What Mr. Johnson found
Mr. Johnson, a connoisseur of fine writing, carrying great flair for criticism, is tired of the content he usually encounters at the web. Being especially interested in reading and analyzing what the upcoming generation thinks and writes, he is frustrated with the situation wherein he has no means to find what the young talent from around the world is posting. An aggregator can only bring him so many articles, he realizes, and is left wondering if ever he shall be able to lay his hands upon some of the best of the new works being produced by the hugely talented, though yet-to-be-acknowledged, talent from around the globe.
One day, he comes across FirstQuarto.
What is FirstQuarto?
FirstQuarto is a social original-content sharing tool that lets you post original content in the form of articles, blog-posts, opinions, commentaries, reviews etc. and have your ideas rated, shared and publicized by fellow users. We believe in aiming to make the world's best original content easily accessible and usable. In an age when the world rates just about everything from restaurants to presidents, we realize how important quality-rating is and how beautifully it serves the dual purpose of providing absolute publicity and saving one's time.
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The woman:
Virginia Woolf (25 January 1882 - 28 March 1941)
The man:
Samuel Johnson (18 September 1709 - 13 December 1784)